Welcome to my page devoted to tablet weaving, historical reenactment and all things medieval. I have been a reenactor for about 15 years. My interests lie in the everyday life in the Viking age, medieval crafts and experimental archeology. I make historical costumes, weave quite a lot and read even more 😉 Professionally I am a sociologist and hold a doctorate in political science (political anthropology).

Research-wise, I am interested in museums and management of cultural heritage. I am curious about how informal education practices (such as workshops, YT channels, blogs) help us understand and interpret the past such as the Middle Ages or old crafts. My PhD focused on how we make sense of national symbols in everyday life and argued that it is not politicians that shape our sense of identity – it is consumerism, popular culture, music and all kinds of informal things which influence the way we understand who we are (and aren’t) in terms of ethnicity and nationality. My PhD is available online.

In 2016 my friends and I set up a non-profit organisation for promotion of traditional crafts. It’s called the Association for the Promotion of Old Crafts and Culture WICI. The word “wici” derives from the old Polish term for spreading the word. And this is what we do – we educate about old crafts and medieval culture through interactive workshops, presentations and publications. We also run a shop on Etsy where you will find objects inspired by medieval crafts such as tablet woven bands, leather pouches, needle bound gloves and hats but also modern things such as kitchen aprons whose design is inspired by the Middle Ages. All hand made by our team!

I’m not a big fun of social media but it seems this is how we stay connected in this world. Visit me on Facebook and Twitter, or say hello to WICI on FB! Thanks!

Lost Thread is a registered company (no 14371496, registered in Estonia). For business cooperation please contact me at office[at]ethno-industrial.com.