August – missed hole Birka band

August is typically the month when I travel most to medieval fairs and festivals. It is great to be able to show my bands and belts to other reenactors and get some feedback on what they like in terms of colours or patterns. It turns out this pattern – which I call the twining Birka motif – is everyone’s most favourite. My guess is that it is just soothing for the eye to follow it. Luckily, I quite like weaving it!

This is yet another variation of the Birka twining pattern, in orange red, purple and turquoise. There must be something attractive about the edges too, as many people pointed out to me that they really like them.

The technique used here is the missed hole weaving. In short it means that out of four holes in a tablet, only three are threaded. During the weaving the cards remained relatively stable as the edges are woven with the usual four threads in each tablet.

Birka tablet woven belt

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