Chevron weave – January 2018

One of the basic patterns in tablet weaving and weaving in general are diagonal lines. Once you master the technique how to manipulate the tablets to obtain them, there is a whole new world of diagonals-based patterns to discover and design. Chevrons, diamonds, basket weaves are all easily obtainable especially in tablet weaving. This is because the movement of cards causes the longitudinal threads to twist into parallel diagonal ribs. Have a look at this post where I explain what makes tablet weaving unique.

To make this band I used locally sourced wool which is produced not that far from where I live. It is a thin 2-ply wool yarn ideal for historical reenactment as it is thin enough to create beautiful patterns, yet solid and slightly coarse to the touch. The band celebrates wool in all its natural shades of gray, white and brown.

Since geometric patterns have been known to weavers all over the world, this band is rather universal in reenactment.

Available in my Etsy store.


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