Hallstatt band – January 2018

In this project I looked beyond my pet period of history, namely the Viking Age and wove one of the so called Hallstatt patterns (800 – 400 BC). Hallstatt, modern-day Austria, was a salt mine where a large amount of objects dating to the late Bronze/early Iron Age were found, among them tablet woven bands. For this replica I used 17 tablets, 9 for the pattern and 8 for the borders. The original one was made using 13 tablets (only 4 for borders). When making it I was sure I had chosen the exact same colours like on the original band – greens and yellows/browns. Yesterday I found out that these are only the result of the original dyes’ reaction with salt. In fact the band was made using blue, red and yellow threads. As weft served horsehair. This band is suitable for Celtic and similar garments.

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