How to join the ends of a tablet woven band (almost) invisibly

This technique will be especially useful if you want to use a tablet woven band as a trim for cuffs or neckline. It allows you to cover loose threads and avoid unexpected unfolding. The idea is simple: you need to leave about 5 cm of threads on one side of the band and weave each of them into the other end of the band using a regular needle. Before you cut the band, take a close look at the pattern – try to join the ends so that the pattern remains uninterrupted. 

The band is stitched to a needle bound hat using the same wool as the weft.

The end without the threads is “pushed” under the other one.

Each thread is woven in the structure of the hat and band using a regular needle.

To avoid the band getting thicker in one place, weave in the threads a few cm further from the joining point.

3/4 of job done

100% done!

Voila 🙂

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