January 2018 – first band finished

Weaving of this green belt was not relaxing at all. The pattern was complicated at times and whenever I made a mistake undoing it was hell! But I like how it came out. The earthy green makes it look really natural. And I like the balance between complex details and bigger, more spacious shapes and structures. The band is thicker than my other bands and therefore ideal for a belt. It is 207 cm long and 3.9 cm wide. Available in my Etsy shop.

The pattern is not a replica of any specific historical weave. Yet, its geometric shapes and diagonal lines resemble what we know from bands found for example at Birka, Sweden. I would definitely wear the belt with my 10th century Norse garb.

I made it thinking of a friend who is a reenactor and particularly fond of green. Greetings to him.

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